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Custom Cushion Covers & Throw Pillows


Don't forget to complete your window treatments set with matching custom cushion covers!* Order cushion covers in any size and edge style to suit your decor. From centerpiece bolster pillows for your bed to throw pillows for your sofa, these gorgeous little things go a long way to give any space a perfectly finished look.

All our covers are very lovingly handcrafted in a small village in India and come with envelope-style zippers on the back. Carefully chosen by you, stitched to perfection by us—trust us, our cushions deliver.

Here are some pointers on choosing the most suitable cushion covers from our range:

Get the Color Palette Spot On

Your chosen cushions should work to tie together your room’s color palette. The best way to do so is to pick one or two focal or accent colors, then choose cushions in those colors.

To give your space a coordinated look that looks truly stylish, we recommend matching your custom cushion covers with the draperies. Choose some in the same fabric and the rest in the same color palette. If your drapes are in a patterned fabric, order the bigger sizes in solid color coordinates. Order smaller size cover in drapery pattern at the front to serve as accent pieces.

More tidbits: Avoid neutral cushions on neutral couch colors, as this is likely to look dull and insipid. Think contrast, color block, or tonal variations (dark to light in the same color family) to break the monotony.

Get the Number Right

When it comes to cushions, it is usually better to think more rather than less in terms of number. So far as odd or even count is concerned, we recommend odd numbers for a casual, informal and lived-in space. For traditional and formal spaces, even numbers usually work well.

Experiment with Shapes and Sizes

The joy of getting cushions from Spiffy Spools is that we stock 13 sizes and can custom sew cushion covers for any dimensions to suit your specifications. Rather than stick to one uniform size, opt for a mix of multiple sizes. Choose centerpiece bolster pillows for beds, square cushions and throw pillows for couches, and floor cushions for casual lounging. Big, small, squares, rectangles—you can pick as you like and make them all work. An in-house bit of adventure!

Experiment with Textures, Prints and Edgings

Have fun experimenting with edge styles, textures and prints, and edgings. Edge styles can create their own charm. We offer three edging types to choose from: knife (crisp and clean), corded (piped and homely), and flange (formal and chic).

On plain and solid colored backdrops, use cushions with bold prints. On patterned upholstery, try color blocked cushions in key colors. You can even pull off the one small print, one big print and one solid color look in cushions for a haute vibe. Similarly, textures also give plenty of scope for experimentation. Cushions in velvet, suede and faux fur give a lush, luxurious look. Embroidered cushions add an ornate touch.

Placement, Placement

Remember, we advised mixing the sizes of cushions. Well, bedroom or living room, get the best out of your mixed sizes by trying out various placements. We usually recommend keeping larger cushions in corners or backs, and smaller ones to front and insides. Consider keeping the smaller cushions more ornate, as these can be made to look almost like scattered artworks.

* Covers only, inserts NOT included.
** Covers sold ONLY with drapes/shades. Not sold separately.

We offer 13 standard size options and three edge styles for our cushion covers. Simply choose the size and style you like and type in the fabric name before adding to your shopping cart. 

Hopefully, your ideal size is available amongst the options already on offer but just in case you are looking for something a bit extra-special and customized, don’t be shy. Do write to us at We’d love to sew your perfect squishy thing!

Please note we don't sell or ship cushion covers separately. Our pillowcases are sold ONLY as part of a drapery/shades order and shipped alongside the window treatments.

*Inserts NOT included.