Length of a faux shade/valance is largely determined by your personal preference and size of the window.  We recommend 20 inches for most windows, of which 3-6 inches are the bottom short 'folds'.

Number of folds on your valance depends on the overall specified length of the valance.

- 0-12" long valance is stitched with two folds

- 13-24" long valance is stitched with three folds

-25-36" long valance is stitched with four folds


INSIDE MOUNT ► Please make sure your window casing has at minimum a 1-1/2" depth (and more if you want blinds behind). Hang on a spring tension rod up to 1" in diameter.

For inside mounts, measure in between the window frame exactly, then subtract 0.25 inches (1/4") to 0.5 inches (1/2") to find the closest width you need to order. For example, a 40.0-inch inside measurement will require a 39.5-inch wide faux shade. Please note that your window casing should ideally be at least 1-1/2 inches deep for an inside mount to work properly (and more if you have blinds).

OUTSIDE MOUNT ► Hang on any decorative curtain rod up to 1-1/4" in diameter.

For outside mounts, measure the window including the trimwork, then add 1-2 inches total *if space permits*. For example, a 40-inch outside measurement will require a 41- to 42-inch wide faux shade. If your window doesn't have any wood trim around it and you'd like an outside mount, we highly recommend adding a few extra inches to width for a finished look.