Choose ANY fabric from our collection of over 1000+ fabrics and we will stitch this sleek, on-trend style for you.  

To place your order, please start by choosing curtain length and track width ‘bands’. Then type in your exact measurements (in inches). Please note that for ripplefold drapery orders, we need the track/pole width - NOT the ready panel width. 

Next, choose any fabric from our entire collection that you'd like us to use in your drapery. Type in the name of this fabric in the product form above.

Pricing is per pair. If you're looking for a single draw panel, please write to us at for a quote.

All drapery comes fully lined (except sheers) with white privacy lining to protect fabric from harsh sunlight and fading. 

Please note our ripplefold drapery is only made in 100% fullness. We do NOT offer any other fullness options. 

Most drapery orders are processed and dispatched within one week and delivered within one week of dispatch. And shipping is free!

*Pricing is per pair, NOT per panel.

**Ripplefold drapery requires specific ripplefold hardware. Please consider before buying. We do NOT sell or provide ripplefold hardware with our drapery.