To place your order, start by choosing the curtain length and width ‘bands’. Then type in your exact measurements (in inches please). We further offer you twelve pleating styles to choose from so you can get exactly the drapes you've been dreaming about. 

Pricing is per panel, so if you are looking for a pair of lovelies, please order two units.

Most drapery  orders are processed and dispatched within one week and delivered within 5 days of dispatch. And shipping is free! 

Not sure which heading style to choose? Read our handy STYLE GUIDE for tips!

*SPIFFY TIP #1: If ordering any of the casual heading styles such as the grommet top, we recommend ordering panels that are double the width of your curtain pole/track. For example, if your curtain pole/window is 36 inches wide, we suggest TWO panels of 36 inches EACH, and not two panels of 18 inches each. This will get you a luxurious fall/gather. If your window/pole is 36 inches wide and you order curtain panels that are also 36 inches wide altogether, they will be absolutely flat with no gather, and who wants that?!

*SPIFFY TIP #2: If ordering the pinch pleat styles, we recommend panels that are 6-12 inches wider than your curtain pole/track. So for example, we suggest 66-72 inches wide curtains altogether for a 60 inch wide pole.