Dupioni Silk Curtains I Shantung Silk Drapes I Faux Silk Drapery

Custom Made to Any Size and Style

Pure silk curtains & drapes have forever been considered a luxury destined for those who could afford silk’s exclusivity and high price. Forever…until now.

Spiffy Spools custom silk curtains & drapes collection has been created because we believe beautiful things should be enjoyed by everyone. From pure dupioni silk – to silk blends and faux silks – we have a color and texture for every palette and budget. Silk drapery looks superb, fall like a dream and spells sheer luxury. No wonder silk gets us sighing with lusty appreciation every time!

We hereby invite you to fair-priced indulgence and are delighted to have you shopping for your custom silk drapes with us; do let us know any questions!


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