All our drapes - except sheers of course - come with white/cream standard privacy lining to block glare and protect fabric from sun damage and color fading. Cost of this lining is already included in prices on our site.  

All our roman shades - except relaxed shade style - also come with standard privacy lining as default lining. 

Clients can order blackout lining to be used in place of privacy lining for room darkening and better insulation. Our default blackout lining is cream/ivory and offers up to 95% light block factor. Other colors may be made available on special order requests. The blackout lining is stitched on the back of drapes/shades. It is NOT provided as a separate, removable liner. Blackout lining replaces the standard privacy lining. It is NOT in addition to privacy lining. 

Read more about our BLACKOUT LINING.

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